Monday, June 30, 2014

Lots of “Kidding” at the Farm!

Summer begins at Spiritwind Farm with 5 new kids and more on the way! Two of our Nigerian goats have given birth to healthy kids. See pictures below, and more on our Facebook page and updates on the website, “”. Coming this month is our new YouTube channel called “Spiritwind Farm”, with videos of all of our wonderful activities and events here at the farm.
Sales for goat milk soap has been steadily increasing selling at the Sanford and Springvale farmers’ markets, “Girls Nite Out” events, and we are now selling to “” an online farmers’ market in NYC. We now offer felted soaps. Fiber artist, Jan Winsor, of Gorham, ME felts our goats’ milk soaps with wool roving from her sheep and they are very popular.

With all the kids being born, we find many uses for the milk. The milk is delicious and is easy on the stomach. From this milk we make the cheeses; Chevre, a soft cheese with a sophisticated taste that goes very well with our locally grown wines; Bloomy Goat is another soft cheese that has a white mold crust on it with a soft cheese inside. We are still working on becoming a licensed dairy til then we offer it at the farm only.

A special thank you goes to Lysette Schaefer, our “woofer”(a farm volunteer program) who came in June. She was a big help with planting pumpkins, and corn. Putting in fence posts and repairing fencing in the garden. She helped with our English Shire horses, Lucy and Abby and learned how to drive them. Lysette just passed her RN boards and is on her way in the medical world. We miss you and hope you come back to visit us and the new kids in town! If you are interested in doing a farm volunteer “vacation”, please let us know.

In August we will be having a “Prepper-fest”. We extend an invitation to anyone who would be interested in learning about traditional homestead skills, driving horses and using horse drawn farm implements, how to start a fire, how to find and get safe water, and preparing for whatever could happen in this volatile world. Living on a farm we are always planning for the future and preparing for hard times, making our own food and living off the land.

We are listed on Farmstay.US. This is a site that offers farms that people can visit and/or work on a real farm. This summer is looking to be one of the best “real” Maine summers in a while with cool nights and warm, non humid days. Perfect for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, boating and beaching. We are a mere 25 minutes from the nearest beaches of Old Orchard, Wells, Ogunquit and York and we are not far from major tourist attractions. We know where the local folks go. So join us this summer, we have a little slice of heaven and as the song goes, you get to “take a trip and never leave the farm”. If you’re curious, ask Arin, our on site artist, about the song.

Enjoy our pictures and videos of our goats, horses and chickens. See you soon!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

"If You Build It, They Will Come"

The famous phrase from "Field of Dreams" speaks to what happens when you have dreams and believe in what you are doing. Farmers are all about faith. Faith in nature, faith in yourself, faith in the fruition of hard work, followed by a cold beer after a hard day's work. But I digress.

Thank you to the following for contributing to our first Indiegogo attempt: Ken Frank, LRae York, Kim Mossbrook, Erik Streeter, Prish Moran, and Arin Quintel. Your reward has been mailed. Hope you enjoy. We did not meet our goal, but we learned. And learning is worth its weight in gold. 

The future looks good for us. We have attended one of the first local farmers' markets of the year, a new one at the Town Hall in Berwick, ME. It has been a huge success. The people are coming, to get out of the cold, and, to spend their hard earned money. Farmers will do well, especially those of us who grow organically, pesticide and GMO-free. Talking with folks has given us a good picture of the trends: people are not so willing to spend their hard earned money on "junk". And why would you? Sure, organic may cost a little more (not as much more as you'd think), but it is so much more healthy for you.

It's been a very long and very cold winter. And it's not over yet. Seeds are being started and plans are being made. Big plans. We will be creating the creamery, and more. The space for the creamery will also serve as the farm store this summer. I will be building an off the grid studio/live-in. Spaces for volunteers to come and stay could include yurts, teepees, and more. Plans for a new water well for water access. We will have a classroom. Somehow, all of these things will come together, and we want you to come!!

New product!! Felted soaps! A cooperative collaboration between goats and sheep, and Spiritwind Farm and Four Winds Farm ( Check us both out on the web.
The website is being updated to show the new products and make it easier to shop. Stay tuned, stick with us, and come for a visit. Serious volunteers needed! We treat our volunteers very well, and you won't go hungry. Please check out the website, call us at 207-457-3001, or email:

Thanks for visiting!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Help Us Get Funded

Time goes by way too fast. Farming doesn't end after the harvest. For us, it's getting ready for the holidays and sleigh rides.

We hope you all have a great holiday season and new year. Times are tough for us all, and we've created an Indiegogo campaign and sure hope you'll take a moment out of your busy day, to check it out. We are really depending on the small contributions, and if you would like to browse our campaign we sure would appreciate it!.

Just log onto and type in "A Farm for the Future". You can read about what we are trying to do here, and hoping you can help. It's a great way to really do something for the good of the world, by helping small farmers grow and prosper. When you help us, we help you, by providing good healthy food, recreation, and to preserve this land for the future.

Thank you always to our donors, volunteers and customers, especially those visiting with us the first time. We hope you come back, and recommend us to your friends and family. May we continue to provide our farm and farm products to our friends, families, and the greater community. Blessings to all.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Reaping the Harvest

August was very fruitful indeed as Mother Nature blessed us with the most wonderful tasting fresh organically grown peaches and blueberries. We made peach and blueberry jam and delicious sweet and spicy salsa. Yum! Mother Nature also finished picking the peaches off the peach tree while we were sleeping. It seems the raccoons were well fed as well. Nature takes care of all, equally.

The wedding of Jake and Sarah was the high point of August. What a wonderful wedding for a wonderful couple in a wonderful setting on an equally wonderful day. We feel blessed and congratulate the bride and groom! We were blessed as well by some great Farm Stay people who wanted to learn a lot about farming. The trend seems to be a renewed interest in helping small family farms stay afloat in an extremely difficult economic environment, and many people are growing their own food, due to rising food prices and increased concerns about nutrition. We can teach a lot about how to grow without pesticides and how to preserve, as well as making goat milk cheese and soap.  See our reviews and more info about Farm Stays at, and select "Spiritwind Farm", Lebanon,ME.

As we move into fall we are planning hayrides for the end of September and through October. Bring the kids for a hayride driven by our English Shire horses, Lucy and Abby! We have a nice trail, and the kids can run into the pumpkin patch to select their own pumpkin, we will be serving apple cider and cookies, and the kids can see the animals (the goats and pigs and chickens). If it's a cool day, we will have an outdoor fire in our outdoor fireplace to warm up. For pricing call 207-457-3001.

For Sale: a beautiful registered Nubian buck and two pigs. Call for more  information 207-457-3001. Also, we are looking for a person (or persons) who would like to learn to drive our horse team. After training, there will be an opportunity for a part time income when we do sleigh rides. Let's hope for lots of snow and sleigh rides happening every weekend! We have a great time, get to meet nice folks, and have hot chocolate and s'mores at our outdoor fireplace after the sleigh ride. 

We've been busy getting the wood in for the winter and making goat cheese, and finishing harvest as well as fall pruning. Check out our website for ordering goat soaps and lotions and for photos and videos: A final note: The new hens have started laying! Soon we will be selling eggs at only $3/doz. Stop by the farm to get your fresh free-range hen eggs. In addition to working our way to non-profit status, we are asking for hay and feed donations. If you would like to donate, please go to and click on our "Donate" button. The help is appreciated, and you can help keep small farms alive.

As always, thank you to our friends, neighbors, customers, fellow farmers and volunteers. May we all continue to help one another by supporting and buying local! Blessings to all.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dog Days and Farm Stays

Well we had our first outdoor wedding on July 6th. Although the weather was hot and steamy, It was a great success, with everything going smoothly and everyone had a great time.

Our greatest success story has been with our Farm Stays. As an alternative to staying in a hotel, people LOVE it! One person came who enjoyed the pool and an early evening at our outdoor fireplace looking at all the fireflies. A couple came who really loved the horses, and some folks from New York who are part of Farm to People. You may read their positive reviews on our Farm Stay page. There will be a link on our website.

One of our challenges this summer has been keeping the pigs in their pen. They have a lot of ground, but they destroy everything in their path, so we really need to get the fences repaired and moved to give them some new territory.

We have been a little overwhelmed trying to keep up with all of our growth and have trouble sometimes knowing where to begin. What DO we have to offer? A little of everything, from horse-drawn carriage rides to homesteading education. What's homesteading? Broadly defined, homesteading is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. It is characterized by subsistence agriculture, home preservation of foodstuffs, and it may or may not also involve the small scale production of textiles, clothing, and craftwork for household use or sale. Pursued in different ways around the world — and in different historical eras — homesteading is generally differentiated from rural village or commune living by isolation (either socially or physically) of the homestead. Use of the term in the United States dates back to the Homestead Act (1862) and before. In sub-Sahara African, particularly in nations formerly controlled by the British Empire, a homestead is the household compound for a single extended family. In the UK, the term 'smallholder' is the rough equivalent of 'homesteader'. The attractiveness of back-to-the-land movements dates from the Roman era. (Source: Wikipedia).

We have had luck in getting volunteers, yet we need more as well. A couple of our Farm Stays have helped with chores, and we have a volunteer day scheduled for Sept. 8. We serve up a wicked good BBQ to feed our helpers and are ever so grateful. Also, we have now posted a “donate” button on our website and are looking for hay and feed sponsors to help out. Farming is a lot of work, and we are running in the red, so any help would be greatly appreciated with a “Thank You” Note Card with a watercolor painting by our artist-in-residence, Arin Quintel. We have much potential, a lot to offer and BIG DREAMS! But, we can't do it alone.

Look for our haunted hayrides and pumpkin hayrides this fall. Can't wait to see you!! Check us out at